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Should I lease or purchase my business sign?

Leasing  a Sign

To grow in this competitive economy, business owners are looking for new ways. Choosing to lease is a smart way to acquire your business signage.   Equipment Leasing Association research shows that eight out of 10 U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment.  Outdoor electric signs and LED message centers can be added to the list of assets that can be leased.  We are a vendor that offers leasing as part of our  sales program.

Leasing Benefits

Improves cash flow A typical lease term is less than the useful life of the equipment, and almost always the term is longer than the normal loan period from a borrowing source.

Provides flexible payment schedule Lease payments can be arranged to match cash flow patterns, seasonal business or earnings generated by the equipment.

Offers tax advantages and savings Lease payments are generally treated as fully deductible expenses. This may mean a more rapid write-off. Since the lease term is usually shorter than the depreciable life, payments can be expensed in shorter duration.

No money downLeasing is typically structured with no money down. You can quickly acquire use of equipment without major out-of-pocket costs, it is equivalent to 100% financing.

Preserves bank credit lines Your lease will not affect your existing borrowing limits with your bank, which means you still have 100% of your credit available for other needs.

Allows equipment to be leased as collateral When you lease, the equipment serves as the collateral. If you take out a loan, you will be asked for additional collateral as security on the loan.

Protects against obsolescence Leasing frequently enables you to acquire new equipment without keeping costly equipment working years beyond its profitable life. Modern equipment is always available.

Forecasts costs more accurately Leasing helps take the guesswork out of budgeting. You have known payments over a specified period and no depreciation figures or varying interest costs to question.

Takes a residual position With a lease, a residual position may be taken to allow for tax benefits. With a loan, no residual position is taken on the equipment.

Increases profits immediately Cash and equipment are working assets. With no cash invested in equipment, you have both assets working for you.  You only have to cover the monthly payment for the new equipment to be profitable from the first month.

 Leasing vs. Loan

A loan may offer competitive interest rates, but depending on the bank and the size of transaction, borrowing from a bank could affect your line of credit. Preserve those lines of credit by choosing to lease.


• Shorter applications and quicker approvals

• Utilizes equipment as collateral

• Does not affect bank relationship or line of credit

• Residual position may be taken to allow for tax benefits

• Allows for “soft costs” to be financed

• Requires no money down

• Hedges against obsolescence


• Involves longer approval time and more paperwork

• Requires additional collateral as security

• May go against line of credit

• No residual position is taken on the equipment

• Unable to finance “soft costs”

• Traditionally structured with money down

Daktronics Scoreboards and Display Systems

American Tropical Signs Supplies LED BillboardsAmerican Tropical Signs is a distribtor for, and installer of  Daktronics scoreboards and displays.They are a leader in the latest sign technology offering the most complete line of electronic scoreboards and display products of any company in the world, featuring long-lasting light emitting diode (LED)-based systems. This technology gives you the flexibility for exciting video, engaging advertising messages, and accurate scoring. Daktronics provides solutions that maximize the value of your investment.

American Tropical Signs can offer our design services to assist you in selecting the best Daktronics product for your LED display needs and we will handle all the permitting requirements, as well as, install the product for you.


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