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Our Signs are UL Listed

Our signs are UL Listed.  What does it mean?

Underwriters Laboratories Inc (UL)

UL’s safety certification services include testing, evaluation and factory surveillance of products to national, regional and international safety standards. These certifications enhance the safety of products, as well as the public’s confidence in their compliance. Consumers, retailers, insurers, distributors and regulators recognize the familiar UL Mark as a trusted symbol of safety.

WE ARE “UL” CERTIFIED, all our electrical signs will have UL Labels.

History of Underwriters Laboratories

In 1894, William Henry Merrill, an electrical engineer, founded UL. Prior to founding the company, Merrill had served as an electrical inspector for the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, an electrician for the Chicago Underwriters Association and as an electrical inspector for the Chicago World’s Fair. At the World’s Fair, Merrill was hired to examine the electrical safety of the Columbian Exposition’s Palace of Electricity, the first large-scale use of electricity for illuminating. The proliferation of untamed DC circuits and the new, higher voltage AC currents caused a great deal of concern and a rash of fires. Critics questioned if the new technology would ever be safely harnessed. Merrill assured that it could be with the proper care, handling and understanding of its potential hazards.With this goal in mind, Merrill conceived of the idea of an independent testing facility that could render expert opinions concerning fire hazards and certify electrical devices. At first rejected, the need for such a laboratory became clear and UL came into being. From that point forward, UL has been a pioneer and leading authority in testing and creating safety standards.





Cast Aluminum Letters

American Tropical Signs & Services installed this 3-Dimensional sign in the City of Coral Gables this July, 2012.


When you need Durability and Long lasting, when a sense of permanency and depth is required on professional offices, this is  the classic look  for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality.

Cast in pure metals, aluminum or bronze  with the depth you need, these letters come in many different  finishes including polished, oxidized or anodized and more than 60 standard style.  Flat,  prismatic or round faces.

And Most Important!

* Earth-friendly- No lead or mercury and all trim is recycled in the casting process.

* Lifetime guarantee.

Unlicensed Contractors

American Tropical Signs is a Florida Licensed ContractorAmerican Tropical Signs is a State of Florida licensed contractor that will manufacture your sign to meet UL specifications, and install your sign to meet all State of Florida Building Codes. We engineer and design your sign to meet the Florida high velocity hurricane zone requirements and produce all the required documents to permit your sign.

We recommend that you always use a licensed contractor. The fines and permit fees that are levied buy the Building Departments for performing work without a permit can be astronomical. You may end up removing the the sign that you paid to have an unlicensed contractor to install because it is not code compliant or was installed without a permit.

If you have open or expired permits, or your sign was installed by a unlicensed contractor and you have been cited by Code Enforcement, give us a call. We might be able to help you legalize your sign installation.

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