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Coral Gables Art Cinema Sign

American Tropical Signs & Services fabricated and installed this eye-catching powder coated sign at Coral Gables Art Cinema in Coral Gables, Florida.  It consists of two aluminum panels, mounted on two 3” by 3” square tubing.  For depth, the logo was custom – made in formed plastic and the back panel was placed to cover the back of the letter’s attachments.  What makes this exterior sign distinct is its finish.  A powder coated painted sign  provides a robust finish to the surface and acts like armor against scratching, corrosion, fading and wearing.  Powder Coating Paint is the fastest growing finishing process in the country because unlike other metal finishing techniques that depend on chemicals and solvents,  uses electrically charged pigments.  The result is a beautiful uniform coating that withstand the most rigorous exterior conditions.

Our  satisfied client says

It looks beautiful, exactly how we imagined it, and your two staff members did a great job of installing down to every detail. We love it! :)

-Robert Rosenberg, Director
Coral Gables Art Cinema

Sign Installation


Sign installation can be very challenging,  American Tropical Signs installation crews are well trained and highly skilled.  All aspects of the sign design and installation need to meet very stringent  Building Codes in South Florida making it a very integrate process from design to installation.

If you are a national branding company, a local developer, or just a small business owner, we can help you with your sign installation needs. We can can handle the the permitting and installation, even if your signage was maufactured buy another source. Feel free to call us about your sign installation requirements, and we are a State of Florida Licensed contractor.

L.E.D. Sign Conversions

LED-Module-for-Sign-LED-Light-BoxAmerican Tropical Signs is a leader in sign conversions using the more energy effiricent, and longer life L.E.D. modules. Converting your form traditional neon or flourescent could save you as much as 50% in energy costs. The L.E.D. modules have a 100,000 hour life, which is about ten years, reducing maintenance costs.

There are serval more advantages in switching the L.E.D. modules for your sign illumination. Your sign will be brighter and more effective than neon or incandescent signage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about fading, flickering or premature burnouts. L.E.D. allows for multiple messages and graphics, along with the ability to scroll, move and intermittently flash. What’s more, you can program new messages as your needs change. Lastly, neon and incandescent lights make use of fragile, thin-walled glass, L.E.D.s are made from a durable, solid plastic. They also generate far less heat than other lighting options and require lower voltage.

Daktronics Scoreboards and Display Systems

American Tropical Signs Supplies LED BillboardsAmerican Tropical Signs is a distribtor for, and installer of  Daktronics scoreboards and displays.They are a leader in the latest sign technology offering the most complete line of electronic scoreboards and display products of any company in the world, featuring long-lasting light emitting diode (LED)-based systems. This technology gives you the flexibility for exciting video, engaging advertising messages, and accurate scoring. Daktronics provides solutions that maximize the value of your investment.

American Tropical Signs can offer our design services to assist you in selecting the best Daktronics product for your LED display needs and we will handle all the permitting requirements, as well as, install the product for you.


Unlicensed Contractors

American Tropical Signs is a Florida Licensed ContractorAmerican Tropical Signs is a State of Florida licensed contractor that will manufacture your sign to meet UL specifications, and install your sign to meet all State of Florida Building Codes. We engineer and design your sign to meet the Florida high velocity hurricane zone requirements and produce all the required documents to permit your sign.

We recommend that you always use a licensed contractor. The fines and permit fees that are levied buy the Building Departments for performing work without a permit can be astronomical. You may end up removing the the sign that you paid to have an unlicensed contractor to install because it is not code compliant or was installed without a permit.

If you have open or expired permits, or your sign was installed by a unlicensed contractor and you have been cited by Code Enforcement, give us a call. We might be able to help you legalize your sign installation.

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